Christine Reimer is an established BC artist whose professional career spans 40 years.  She has a BFA in Visual Arts and a Diploma in Education (Art) from the University of Victoria.  While Reimer has embraced a wide variety of genres over the years, her best known works are vibrantly coloured, stylized landscapes of coastal and interior BC and the Rockies found in private and corporate collections in Canada & internationally.  Most recent work can be described as Lyrical Abstract Expressionism.

Artist Statement

I have always considered painting a discrete language, not of words but of perception or feeling. Paintings possess the unique qualities of the artist just as handwriting does. However, the nuances of meaning are more open to interpretation in a painting.  Like music, some pieces resonate more than others with the viewer.   Subtle gestures, mark-making and colour shifts may reflect the personal sensibilities of the viewer if open to this interaction.  Just as a language can be acquired, so too, can the ability to perceive the mood, or subtext, of an abstract painting.

As a visual artist I believe a successful painting should engage the viewer on many levels.  Visually of course, but also in a tactile sense which evokes a memory, something familiar or a range of emotions.  The viewer is challenged to react viscerally not just intellectually.   With Abstract works I seek to express a variety of concepts which are difficult to put into words and want each viewer to find their personal interpretation and meaning.

Artist Statement Respecting the 2019 Exhibit “Found Beauty”

Throughout the past five years I have made a dramatic shift from painting more representational work to exploring Abstract Expressionism.  This challenging genre has facilitated new painting techniques thus sparking a fresh approach to subject matter and influencing the reflective quality, texture and light in canvases.  Most of my paintings have a highly textured surface and incorporate multiple layers of glazing.  I combine distinctive mark-making and energetic brushwork with a vibrant colour palette.

In “Found Beauty”  I view the natural world with a new perspective and deepened understanding of its importance in our lives.

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